Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem
Follows is an email sent to Qari Basheer by one of his graduates:
Salaam ustaz Basheer

I write this email to thank u for the time and effort you spent on us. I know it was not the best of days during our studies, but, Alhamdulilah through your assistance and patience you had for the Altawheed class of 1998 to 2001 today I’m working at an Islamic institution in Durban as an Administrator (MA Motala Islamic Centre, in Pinetown Durban)

There are many things I am grateful for, but believe u me the contributions and highly undermined islamic education u gave us is PROUDLY AND UNRESERVEDLY CELEBRATED AND CHERISHED by me.

I have grown and realised that, there is no light that one can claim without Allah Azza waJall.
This evening I led magrib salaah, I don’t have a beautiful voice, but some visitors who were part of the musallees I led said to me, brother what a Tops Tajweed, who taught u, Guess whose name I mentioned? Surprisingly! They all know Qari Basheer Patel!

Sheikh your work echos, please for the sake of Allah keep doing Allahs work, as for Politics, Leave it for the Most High.

May Allah Bless the Team abundantly

Greet all sheikhs, will also make dua for Marhoom Habeeb ML.

Shukran Was salaam

Your beloved son


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