We mourn the passing of one of our great nationalities. Below are the letters of condolences sent from our various departments:
Examples of sterling men in the annals of mankind are rare and exceptional.
 They are men who gained victory without compromising what they believed in. Men who are humble in speech yet strong in principle, soft in character yet solid in belief. In our compatriot, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, have we witnessed elements of the character of our great Prophet, Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him. Long after oppression, torture and finally exile, did Muhammed return to his homeland, Makkah where his once bold enemies now cowered before his might. Yet he chose peace, forgiveness and freedom. It is through the sacrifice and hardships endured by such men, tempered by their irresistible character, that we may enjoy the fruits of their struggles. Those struggles are never forgotten and we truly acknowledge and appreciate them. To the family and sympathisers of our brother, we offer our sincere condolences and highest regards. May the legacy of Madiba continue to live in our lives and the generations to come. Al Tawheed Islamic Centre South Africa


We are deeply saddened by the immense loss of the founding President of the Democratic Nation of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. A father to freedom and unity, whose untiring service to the Nation has earned him the world’s regard.

We remember Madiba and the cause he strived for.
We remember the shackles he had endured so that we may run free.
We remember how his character captivated his allies.
We remember how he wielded principles to conquer his foes.
We do not forget the person he was.
We will always remember Madiba and we bid him farewell.

Our thoughts and condolences to the family of Madiba, his colleagues and all those who struggled for what he struggled.

We wish ease and all the best.

Global Organisation for Learning and Development (GOLD)


The Union of Arab Communities in South Africa mourn the departure of our African father and brother, Nelson Mandela.

 From you we have seen the champion of equality and a better life for all, irrespective of colour or creed. A cause worth living for. A cause worth dying for.

 We salute you and your absence will be sorely felt in the challenging times we are yet to face.

 Our sincere condolences to the family and to all who clutch the same values as he did.

Sheikh Abdus Salaam Jaad Bassiouni


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