On a daily basis the Al Tawheed Islamic Centre sees reverts to the beautiful deen of Islam. Below are a few examples from our centre in Extension 10, Lenasia during 2013.

1. Amina Thebo

Amina lived close to a Muslim community in Durban. She later moved to Thenbelihle in Lenasia. Here she befriended Khadija Gaga who is a student at the Al Tawheed Islamic Centre in Extension 10. Khadija informed her about the centre and Islam and she promptly accepted Islam!

2.Zeenat Mbele

Zeenat (pictured right) also found the light of Islam through her friend Surayya Senephace (pictured left) who is a student at Al Tawheed.

3. Ayesha Jardine

Ayesha, previously of the Christian faith, accepted Islam through her husband, a resident of Lenasia. Ayesha who was touched by the character of her husbands family readily accepted Islam and is studying at Al Tawheed.

Today, Shaykh Bassiouni visited the centre and gave valuable advice to students and teachers alike.

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