Al Tawheed Foundation’s Pledge line 📞 will open this Sunday In shaa Allah – Live on ITV 🎥 📺

9.30 am to 14.00pm

📆 12th of June 2016

📅 6th of Ramadaan 1437

Al Tawheed Foundation invites you, your families and friends to partner with us in serving the less fortunate among us, especially during this auspicious month of Ramadaan – ‘The month of giving’
Remember all Fard acts in this month are multiplied by 70 and all Nafl acts are rewarded as Fard acts.
You too can Benefit by being a part of this initiative .

Al Tawheed Foundation comprises over 16 branches that EDUCATES, ENRICHES & SERVES over 2500 people daily.

We appeal to YOU to Call our pledge line on the 12th of June 2016 and make your contribution and be part of our beneficial projects more so during this beautiful month of Ramadaan for the pleasure of Allah .

Hosted by:
👤 Qari Bashier
👤 Abdul Razak Karolia
👤 Najma Khota
👤 Khatija Reddy