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Conditions of Acceptance

1. We are aware that a term's notice must be given before a pupil leaves Madressah or a full term's fees must be paid in lieu thereof. In
addition to the tuition fees charged by the Madressa, we agree we shall be liable to pay any increases in such fees or any special levy
imposed by the Madressah.

2. We accept joint and several liability to the Madressah for the due and punctual payment of all fees, subscriptions, levies or other
amounts which may become due and payable to the Madressa or in respect of participation or attendance in any extra curricular

3. All pupils are subject to the regulations, rules and routine of the Madressah as laid down by the head. Parents undertake to co-operate with the
Madressah authority in enforcing them.

4. Should a pupil be removed from the institute by reason of breach of Madressah rules, the parents shall remain liable for fees due for the full term
during which the pupil was removed, and if such fees have been paid, the Madressah shall not be obliged to refund any portion thereof.

5. The Madressah accepts no responsibility for the insurance of pupil’s possessions, parents are urged to ensure that their own policies cover these

6. One full term's fees are payable in the event of withdrawal between the date of acceptance of a place offered and the beginning of term.

7. In the event of the Madressa having to institute for outstanding fees, the parents shall be liable to make payment of all costs incurred by the
Madressah as between attorney and client.

8. In the event of action being instituted for outstanding fees, the parents will consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrate court.

9. Fees for each quarter should be payable at the beginning of each term.

10. If you have more than one child at the school you are also entitled to a discount – (contact Madressah bursar).

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