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Admission Policy

The Madressah is an independent institute that was established in 2008 for the
pleasure of Allah (SWT). The institute opened its doors to learners who had
not been given the opportunity and privilege of education.

1. The Madressah is open to all learners, irrespective of race,
ethnicity, disability or religion.

2. The admission of pupils is subject to availability of space in the
respective course to which the pupils seeks admission.

3. Academic competence to cope with the relevant course An evaluation
will be made on the pupils previous academic results. All learners
who wish to proceed to the next grade or the same grade upon
admission shall furnish an original transfer card with an original
rubber stamp, an original report and an original identity
document. The Madressah reserves the right to apply in writing for
the profile of the said learner.

4. Any parent or learner who supplies the institute with false information
or produces fraudulent documents that have been altered shall not be
admitted to the Madressah.

5. A learner who seeks registration at Madressah must
register from September to October of the year preceding the
year in which the learner seeks admission, but late registration shall
be allowed under special circumstances.

6. The pupil must have an unblemished record of behaviour from the
previously attended. N.B. a testimonial is required from the
previous school / Madressah.

7. “The first come first serve” principle will be applied.

8. The ethos of the Madressah is strongly “Islamic” in character.

9. Siblings will be given preference provided they apply timeously and
meet all admission requirements, stated above.

10. All learners must complete a re-registration form at the end of the
academic year, to re-apply for admittance for the following
academic year. The institute has the right to refuse admission to any
learner it deems necessary according to its admission policy.

11. The Admission Committee reserves the right to interview any

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