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The Al Tawheed Islamic Centre was established in 1992 for the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala.

At Al Tawheed, we believe that, everyone should know about the beauty of Islam, especially those from the indigenous and underpriveleged areas. Islam is a way of life for every human being and every person should be afforded the opportunnity to know about Islam.

Beginning under a single palm tree in the area of Grasmere, we now have 16 centres dedicated to the service of Islam.


Every centre is equipped with the basic facilities and functions of:

  • House to House Dawah (personal invitation to Islam)

  • Crèche classes

  • Morning adult classes

  • Afternoon classes for school going children

  • All students are fed daily

  • When available, clothes are given out

  • When available hampers are also given out

  • Scholarships are awarded to our best students at the end of the year

  • Nikahs are performed for reverts and the community alike

  • Connections are maintained with schools and councils in the areas in which our centres operate

  • On a monthly basis we have dawah day

  • Every centre is overseen by a supervisor to maintain quality teaching, oversee welfare, etc.

  • Various other activities. Check the ACTIVITIES tab on the menu above.

The Founders of Al Tawheed Islamic Centre

Qari Basheer Patel      Shaykh Bassiouni      Ml. Habib (Late)

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